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Darach sales and marketing offerings covers product promotion using sales channels such as network of distributors: wholesale and retail outlets in both traditional and the modern markets. Our aim is to create dealers and enlist sellers in key markets segments for client products and services.

Our approach focuses significantly on sales force management, foot soldiers deployment and in-store promotion. We promote effective engagement with, major dealers, keys retailers, and shop owners. We professionally facilitate good relationship between channels and client’s brand.

Our personnel are carefully selected and trained to appreciate clients’ culture and sales models that is common to Darach. We provide specialized training such as Selling in the 21st century, Retail Sales and the Nigerian Market, Showroom Management, Talent Management, work Aid and New Media Support, Customer Service / Relationship Management and Personnel Effectiveness.

Ensure strategic positioning of brand in Nigeria using our foot soldiers and field sales force to create product penetration in major cities and markets.

We facilitate wholesales using exiting dealers of products, services or goods in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Uyo, Calabar, Benin, Onitsha, Jos, Akure and Yenegoa etc.

Promote sale of your products in traditional markets using a team of trained and sales savvy promoters.

We will support continuous improvement of your brand using our experience in market intelligence gathering and sensing thereby ensuring timely and accurate decision vis a vis competition.

Promote relationship with dealers and customers alike.

We will Facilitate the opening of showrooms in key locations and ensure appropriate merchandising and visual display.

Ensure that new products are fully launched into the Nigerian Marketing using media support and product visibility.

Our team is made up of people with tested experiences in sales, channel management and customer relationship management.

Our pedigree in the management of outsourcing services is benchmarked on value addition. We are judicious in fund management and ensuring that budgets are not overshot; we also pay attention to deliverables and ensure swift response to client demands.

With all sense of responsibility we are open to suggestions and would work hand-in-hand with your organization at ensuring hitch-free service delivery.

Lastly we want to assure you of transparent process right from the beginning into the life of the project.

We have extensive knowledge of the retail / wholesale market in Nigeria.

We have the capacity to promptly deploy over 80 trained personnel to major markets in 10 cities in Nigeria.

We have bricks and mortar existence, we are real.

Our back-up staff are well trained and have good knowledge of sales, HR and marketing analysis.

We provide timely and accurate market report, product / market feedback.

We enjoy good relationship with the relevant regulatory bodies.

We can assure you of measurable return on Investment.

You will enjoy over 25% reduction in cost of personnel, 15% in opening up new market, 10% in product awareness creation and 10% in managing customer interface.

We have the capacity to identify and enlist wholesalers and retail merchant that are into the sales and distribution of your product.

  • Production communication and Launch
  • Showroom Management
  • Sales Promotion
  • Landed Properties and Real Estate Promotion
  • Management of sales Force
  • Sales Support Services
  • Channel Management: Wholesale and Retail Outlets
  • Market Survey and Research Services
  • Marketing Sensing and Mapping Strategies
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