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Certified Expert in Supply Chain-Differentiated Management (ESC-DM)

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Program Description:
The increasing dynamics and complexity of supply chains and the importance of differentiating and optimizing the supply chain management are becoming a survival need to today’s firms. Firms need to differentially select from a wide variety of developed concepts and approaches to manage their supply chains such as lean, agile, leagile, SCOR framework and many other detailed models and methodologies. This ESC-DM course provides the basic SCM strategies, and answers the question: “How Can the Differentiation Best Fit within the Supply Chains strategies?” The second part of this course develops a business case study to develop robust supply chain excellence and to influence mastering the concept of selecting and developing of the beast fit SCM strategy.

Who Should Attend?
• Top-management executives directing their organizations toward excellence.
• Plant managers and Supply chain managers seeking to excel the supply chain management of their organizations.
• Professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and understanding of their entire supply chain.
• Employees hoping to boost productivity and collaboration.

Participants of this course need to have at least One of the following criteria:
• Attended one of the major Supply Chain Management certificates like CISCM, CISCP, CPIM, CSCP,…etc.
• Top-management executive level
• Plant manager level
• Supply Chain practitioner for at least 5 years.

What Format Will the Program Follow?
This course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, case studies, practical hands-on exercises and projects. The course is designed to provide the attendees with as much practical experience as possible to prepare them to implement the ESC-DM in their organizations.

Requirements For Certification:
An Certified Expert in Supply Chain – Differentiated Management certification will be offered to Participants & organization after attending the entire program. “100% attendance” and implement the SCDM at their organizations

Course Outlines:

Block 1: Supply Chain Management Strategies and Approaches:
• Conceptual Definitions: Supply Chain (SC), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Agility, Agile Supply Chain, Lean organization, Leanness and Agility (Leagile), and Decoupling point
• Characteristics and capabilities of the Agile Supply Chain
• Benefits of having Agility in supply chains
• Methods and Supporting Approaches to create Agility in supply chains:
Focused demand chains strategies (DWV3)
Enabling Seamless Market-Orientated Supply Chains
Engineering supply chains to match customer requirements
Matching supply chain strategies with product type
Dynamic appraisal of SC and product routing based on stage of PLC
Agile supply chain portfolio analysis
Supply Chain Visibility & Decoupling Point
Postponement Strategy
Marrying the Lean and Agile Paradigms

Block 2: Practicing Differentiated Thinking Through Business Case:
• Business Case Analyses – DSC Company:
DSC SC Business Scope Diagram
DSC SC Definition Matrix
DSC Historical sales volumes analyses
Sales volumes analyses (RRS analysis)
DSC sales volumes analyses (Product life cycle analysis)
DWV3 analyses for each product
Identifying order winning (PLC, RRS, SCOR) criteria for each product
Drawing the “Input/output” tables of Planning& Purchasing processes.
Drawing the “AS-IS” Work/Information Swim Lanes of all process of DSC SC activities.
Linking each process to its related SCOR metrics
Assessing the Inventory Management of Raw Materials (RM)
Sales and Operation Planning (SØ&OP)
Master Scheduling (MS) process
Calculation of safety stock (SS) level at DSC
Calculation of MPS at DSC
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)